Friday, 18 May 2012

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Well , the story of today , 18/5/2012 , or should i say yesterday ? Ahh , firstly , i didnt get enough sleep yoo ? Well , when you didnt get enough sleep , surely feel so tired or dizzy right ? The first thing is , i sleep at 10a.m. and wake up at 1.20p.m , i wan to go bath , but my sister is in the toilet . Damn , waiting her too long and it make me missed the Solat Jumaat . After that , i just act like nothing happen lahh , do my activities like usual . 5.30p.m , going to field , playing rugby . But today , after rugby training session , my friend and I go to swimming pool to do some recovery . Well , we had fun there : ) I'll try to learn on swimming , floating , and blablabla . After 20 or 30minutes at the pool , get back home , take a bath and I'm thinking on taking a rest . Just relax for a couple of minutes , my phone ringing . I taught it was my friends , but it was from my sister . I answer the phone and she ask me "Wan , kau kat mana ? Datang la kedai mama suruh tolong kat kedai" Well okayy . I know what to do lahhh , everyday also i go to mama punya kedai and help there . I taught you call me to come and we help mama together . But F**K lahh ?! I rushing to mama stall , with hope we all can help each other , but its not like what i think . It just me , mama , papa , and kak long do the work . My sister ? Call me ? For help ? Then what you do ? EAT , Then GO AWAY ?! FUCK FUCK FUCK ! Nahhh , ..|.. You just want me to help , but you didnt help ? You fucking selfish huh ? Didnt you think about me ? about mama and papa ? They are not fully well . And I also got many others thing to do , but I sacrifice coz I know mama and papa is the most important . They is the priority one . Can't you think ?! Please ! Dont be so selfish . I know you work , but how about me ? before going to work , I need to do some others work that take a lot of energy ?! haihh , your work is not tired at all , so after finish work , please come help us here . Together , you can save my energy , papa and mama also . Then i can go to work . So we share the burden . Share the pain . Ahhh fuck ape aku tulis ni ?! bangsat betul . malas tulis lagi la !